Animal testing is one step closer to being an illegal practice in Brazil. Last night the Brazilian Senate Commission of Science and Technology voted unanimously in favor of the cruelty-free law. The proposals were put forward by Senator Randolfe Rodrigues who sought to seal off loopholes in the 2014 Chamber of Deputies ... Read More


The Public Consultation (CP) n ° 313 of February 23, 2017, updating the administrative procedure for the toxicological re-evaluation of pesticides with indications of changes in the risks to human health, was published on Friday (24/2). Official Journal of the Union (DOU). The period established for the contributions of the regulated ... Read More


With the selection of one of its servers, Juliana Machado Braz, for the training program of the German regulatory agency, BFR (Bundesinstitut Für Rsikobewertung), Anvisa tightens its relationship with one of the most important global agencies, which will allow significant advances in regulation Of pesticides in Brazil, in order to ... Read More




Anvisa opened Public Consultation No. 311 of February 15, 2017 for contributions by the company to the text that will serve as the basis for the proposed revision of RDC 54/2013, which regulates the implementation of the National Drug Control System. In practice, this means drafting the guidelines for the ... Read More


The Anvisa Collegiate Board updated Annex I of Portaria SVS / MS No. 344/98, a standard that lists the plants and substances under special control in Brazil, including those of prohibited use. The update included in the list A3 drugs registered in Anvisa derived from Cannabis sativa, in a concentration ... Read More